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    • c/Antoni Llopis, 6 1r 5a
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    • 972 26 46 15
  • Licence de tourisme

    • GC-3437
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    La Garrotxa

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Tailor-made package tours: walking holidays and wildlife tours

Trescàlia is an Incoming travel agency specializing in the sale of tailor-made package tours for groups or individuals in the Pyrenees-Costa Brava, in Catalonia: Garrotxa, Ripollès and Alt Empordà.

Professionalism, experience, attention to detail, attention to customer needs, deep knowledge of the area, combined with a great passion for its work and love for its land, make Trescàlia your trusted partner for incoming tours in Catalonia. Our strengths are walking holidays and wildlife tours.


Self-guided hiking holidays from the experts:

Documentation so detailed that you don’t need a guide – it is your guide.
Our detailed documentation enables you to get the most from your holiday, acting as your guide as you explore.

Guided hiking holidays and wildlife holidays:

Our local English-speaking guides for all visits and routes have a lot of experience and knowledge that enables them to provide an unrivalled series of natural history tours.


Any special request?

We help you because we design all trips. There are no barriers, anything is possible thanks to our professionals


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